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Ferrari meets Amphibian: The Scuba Craft

Ferrari meets Amphibian

The Scuba Craft takes getting to the dive site
with ease and in style to a whole new level.


The Beatles would have been impressed with this one. The vehicle shown above may be both yellow and submersible, but please don't call it a submarine. It's a Scubacraft, the first self-contained submersible that's also a steady and quick surface watercraft.

Ferrari meets Amphibian: The submerged Scuba CraftThe invention by engineers and entrepreneurs from Wales, Scubacraft uses an internal-combustion engine to reach a dive site where it can descend to a maximum depth of about 100 feet. "The experience is simply exhilarating," says Scubacraft marketing director James Browne "Nothing else can compare to traveling to a dive site at 50 mph and then powering effortlessly under the water."

Unlike a submarine it's not a pressurized, which means that those on board must wear scuba gear before heading below the surface. With no cranes needed to lower the craft below water and no boat needed to carry it out to sea, a Scubacraft is significantly more versatile and less expensive than similarly sized submarines. Scubacraft won't say how much the craft costs, but our sources put the figure at $166,000.

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